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Sterling, VA — New website is key for increasing conversion rates and reducing costs for local laser printer repair company.

Katalyst Solutions today announced the launch of their latest small business website for Carefree Office Technology, a multi-million dollar office equipment service and maintenance company. Focusing on providing their customers with high quality imaging equipment, supplies and services, Carefree Office Technology provides print management services to commercial clients throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area including Northern Virginia and Montgomery County in Maryland.

The new website serves as a central location for information on their services and as a valuable sales tool. In addition, customers can submit service requests and learn about product and service specials.

“Your Total Print Management Expert” is the company’s tagline. Carefree Office Technology strives to provide a comprehensive set of print management services that help customers lower their overall printing costs and keep their business flowing smoothly. Carefree’s website is a central piece to their marketing and sales efforts to both reach new customers and provide a higher level of service to existing clients. More information on Carefree Office Technology can be viewed at www.carefreeoffice.com.

Site design details for Carefree Office Technology can be found on the Carefree Office Technology project page.

Contact: Don Cranford
Phone: 703-972-9134 ext. 201
Fax: 703-972-9132


“Before Katalyst completely reinvented our website, we were a slave to our previous webmaster. It took days or longer to get simple content changes made. And those webmaster assisted changes always resulted in an invoice to us. But now, our new Katalyst developed website allows even my admin staff to make these changes in realtime. We couldn’t be more satisfied!”
– Chris Jones, President
Carefree Office Technology, Inc.

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