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Sterling, VA — New website is key for developing new sales channels to help commercial property owners reduce taxes through cost segregation.

Katalyst Solutions today announced the launch of their latest small business website for Veritax Property Advisors, a cost segregation services company. Focusing on providing their clients and professional partners services to reduce taxes and increase cash flow, Veritax Property Advisors provide cost segregation services to commercial property owners throughout the United States. Cost segregation is a lucrative tax strategy for property owners to reduce income tax liability and enhance cash flow and liquidity.

Veritax PA’s new website serves as a central location for information on their services to commercial property owners and other financial professionals as well as an information hub for sales affiliates. It also offers a cost segregation tax savings calculator to help clients see the potential cash flow improvements they could realize with Veritax Property Advisors services.

More information on Veritax Property Advisors can be viewed at www.veritaxpropertyadvisors.com.

Site design details for Veritax Property Advisors can be found on the Veritax Property Advisors project page.

Contact: Don Cranford
Phone: 703-972-9134 ext. 201
Fax: 703-972-9132


“We built a web site and after a year realized that our skills resided more in running our business than web development. The problem was that many aspects of our site that could be automated were not! Don Cranford and Katalyst came to our rescue. They built a extremely professional web site that has a high level of automation for our subscribers and for us! They listened to our preferences both in terms of design and in terms of functionality and delivered on our dreams.”
– Gary H. Elsner, Ph.D.
CEO 401k Maximizer, Inc.

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