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ResultsKatalyst - Issue 5

Welcome to the 5th edition of the ResultsKatalyst newsletter from Katalyst Solutions. We are excited that the summer is almost here! That brings lots of cookouts, time at the beach, and fun with the family.

This month, we’re continuing our Web Marketing series and looking at Search Engine Marketing: how to increase the traffic to your website! This issue, we'll give an overview of the different areas of optimizing your website for search engines (also known as Search Engine Optimization) and we'll go more in-depth in future issues.

Traci has interviewed Dan Schumack of Schumack Ryals PLLC on the importance of your Privacy Policy. You should consider a privacy policy for your company. You may need one, but there are also times when you might not want to have one.

For many businesses, their website is a critical part of their overall marketing plan. Recovering your website in times of disaster should be a top priority. In our Maximizing Your Website column, we are looking at the basics of a Disaster Recovery Plan for your website to help you prepare for the worst.

Thanks, and as always, we would love your feedback and suggestions.
Don Cranford

We’ve all used search engines like Google and Yahoo for any number of reasons. Maybe it is finding a plumber, researching information on the next car you want to buy, or finding an activity to do with your family over the weekend. Search engines have become the primary means for finding information on the internet. People are increasingly using search engines in place of traditional means such as the Yellow Pages for finding businesses and products.

As the number of websites increases daily, it is becoming harder and harder to be found online. Often times these searches return thousands and even tens of thousands of results. Are they all relevant? Of course not! But when you don't show up in the top page of the results, then you will likely not get seen at all.

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A privacy policy is something your company or organization should seriously consider. We have one at Katalyst Solutions. We collect various types of information about our site visitors and the way they interact with the website. This enables us to improve our business and ultimately how we serve our customers.

We asked Dan Schumack of Schumack Ryalls PLLC to help us answer a few of the technical questions regarding privacy policies.

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Have you given any thought to how you would recover if your website went down? What would happen to your business if your webmaster got run over by a bus? How would you keep your website up and running? There are a lot of disasters out there just waiting to happen to your website. Here are a few common ones:

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.jpg, .gif, .png, .eps, .pdf, .tif; file format options or a bad accident involving alphabet soup?

Every time a graphic file is saved on the computer, the program saves the artwork with a specific file format. Some formats are high resolution, some are low; some are specific to the native application (like .doc files are MS Word), while others can be used by different computers and different applications.

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“My expertise is in running my company, not in website design and development. After comparing and contrasting several website development groups, the clear choice became Katalyst Solutions based on overall value, customer service/support, training and the quality of prior websites they developed. I continue to receive support after a successful launch of our website and I enjoy hearing clients compliment our site.”
Tim Reichert, CEO, MBA
Veritax Property Associates

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