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Welcome to the 5th edition of the ResultsKatalyst newsletter from Katalyst Solutions. We are excited that the summer is almost here! That brings lots of cookouts, time at the beach, and fun with the family.

This month, we’re continuing our Web Marketing series and looking at Search Engine Marketing: how to increase the traffic to your website! This issue, we'll give an overview of the different areas of optimizing your website for search engines (also known as Search Engine Optimization) and we'll go more in-depth in future issues.

Traci has interviewed Dan Schumack of Schumack Ryals PLLC on the importance of your Privacy Policy. You should consider a privacy policy for your company. You may need one, but there are also times when you might not want to have one.

For many businesses, their website is a critical part of their overall marketing plan. Recovering your website in times of disaster should be a top priority. In our Maximizing Your Website column, we are looking at the basics of a Disaster Recovery Plan for your website to help you prepare for the worst.

Thanks, and as always, we would love your feedback and suggestions.
Don Cranford


“We built a web site and after a year realized that our skills resided more in running our business than web development. The problem was that many aspects of our site that could be automated were not! Don Cranford and Katalyst came to our rescue. They built a extremely professional web site that has a high level of automation for our subscribers and for us! They listened to our preferences both in terms of design and in terms of functionality and delivered on our dreams.”
– Gary H. Elsner, Ph.D.
CEO 401k Maximizer, Inc.

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