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ResultsKatalyst - Issue 2

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the ResultsKatalyst newsletter from Katalyst Solutions. We hope you are enjoying your 4th of July week and getting to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

In this month’s issue, we are continuing our Web Marketing series on developing an effective web presence. This month we are discussing the important topic of setting goals for your website and understand your target audience. In our Maximizing Your Website column, we are including an article from Rob Mead on ways to generate content to improve your site traffic.

Don’t miss Traci’s 2-part article on effective email. This month Traci explores the first step in using email effectively and looks at the all important Subject Line.

Last, but certainly not least, we are starting a Customer Spotlight column. This month we are spotlighting Tysons Auto Specialties and exploring how they are using their website to increase customers and improve communication.

Thanks, and always, we would love your feedback and suggestions.
Don Cranford

The basis for any project needs to begin with clearly understanding your goals. This is critical to maximize your online strategy and should tie back to your overall business and marketing goals. Your website goals will help to guide many of your decisions for content, navigation, and design/lay-out. Without them, your web site will lack a clear cohesion and focus.

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So you’re a fairly new website owner who is scratching his/her head wondering why you're only getting 50 to 100 web visitors per day to your site. You've tried what all the "web gurus" out there told you to do: Link up with like-minded sites! Put an ad for your site on another similar site and you will get hundreds of click-throughs every day!

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Email is one of today’s most common forms of communication. We once hired people to print, fold & stuff bulk mail. That still happens but less frequently. You already know the benefits: it’s quick and saves you time, there’s no paper or mailing and it takes just your manpower. But writing effective emails can be a challenge. Many people struggle with this and the best place to begin is the subject line.

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Tysons Auto Specialties is a full-service maintenance and repair automotive shop located in the busy Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. They pride themselves on personal service and strive to build long-lasting relationships and satisfied customers. Tysons Auto stands out from other mechanic shops by assisting their clients in making well-informed decisions based on the car owner’s needs and goals.

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“Before Katalyst completely reinvented our website, we were a slave to our previous webmaster. It took days or longer to get simple content changes made. And those webmaster assisted changes always resulted in an invoice to us. But now, our new Katalyst developed website allows even my admin staff to make these changes in realtime. We couldn’t be more satisfied!”
– Chris Jones, President
Carefree Office Technology, Inc.

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