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ResultsKatalyst - Issue 4

Welcome to the 4th edition of the ResultsKatalyst newsletter from Katalyst Solutions. We are excited that the fall is here! That brings lots of football, kids back in school, and a chance to get back into the swing of things.

This month, we’re continuing our Web Marketing series and looking at Streamline Your Design and exploring a few of the important components of good design! Traci is bringing us some tips on Taking Great Photos and we have a guest article from Robert Showers who explains the importance of registering your Trademark or Service Mark.

We are also spotlighting one of our customers this month: Jessie Mann. Jessie is a local artist who specializes in designing and painting Limoges Porcelain and English Enamel boxes. She does some beautiful work and they certainly make unique, exquisite gifts.

Thanks, and as always, we would love your feedback and suggestions.
Don Cranford

We’ve taken some time over the last few months exploring what critical areas can make your website a more vital asset to the success of your organization. In July we began by determining goals and understanding your audience. August brought us the opportunity to look into creating content that would move your audience to understanding and action. So this month we decided that the next step would be to address some of the design elements of your website.

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Whether you’re on vacation, celebrating a special occasion or taking photographs for professional use, we’ve all had those pictures that don’t come out quite as we had imagined. And then along came digital technology that provided us the ability to see our pictured subject immediately after snapping the photo. Don’t like it…Delete it.

But do you find that you still have to take a shot over and over because it’s not quite right? Producing great pictures can be much less problematic if you have some very basic tips in mind when you are honing in on a subject.

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Whether a non-profit or a for-profit organization, the grief and aggravation that come when another entity adopts its trademark or service in connection with the same or similar goods or services is the same. Organizations spend large sums of money to create logos and marketing plans to come up with a mark in which they will use as their brand or source identifier in the marketplace. If another organization begins using the same or similar mark with the same services in the same field, then your investment and goodwill associated with the mark will be severely diminished. The confusion generated can cause great damage to your organization’s goodwill and can cost thousands to resolve.

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Can you remember a time when you wanted a special gift for someone but you couldn’t think of what would be just right? Well that’s what Jessie Mann Porcelains is all about. There are no mass productions. Every item is unique and meets the special requests of the customer.

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