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Don Cranford Web Marketing: Issue 3
By Don Cranford

Your web presence is so much more than another brochure. In previous months we’ve talked about the importance of why you need a good web presence. Essentially, it boils down to this: your website is a reflection of your organization. It should be a living, breathing representation of who you are.

But you recognize the importance of figuring out what’s just right to say. In fact, the attention span of a reader is so short that some experts believe you have just several lines or 30 seconds to hold their focus. If you’re not clear about what message you want to convey, readers may just leave your site. You need to draw your readers in and then ask them to respond.

Draw In Your Audience

Compel them to keep reading. Make them want to contact you. Most readers already know what they want and they won’t stop to take the time to read something that doesn’t motivate them to action.

Give Your Audience Multiple Ways to Respond

A call to action can have many faces, but every website should have multiple methods. Take a look at your existing website. Does each page include a call to action? What’s the purpose of each page? What do you need to tell the reader to do?

Let the reader know how to contact you. It’s so simple and yet so easy to forget. Offer multiple ways:

Draw your readers in and then call them to action. Let them respond in the way in which they are most comfortable. Give them mulitple ways to respond.

  • Contact Us form for email communication
  • Phone number to call for more information
  • Your address and directions to be able to find you
  • Online forms for ordering products or making appointments

It is always a good idea to also include your normal business hours and expected turnaround times.

Tips For Successful Calls To Action

But since you want to motivate the reader toward more actions, Gaye Newton of Galibren Written Treasures recommends some of the following tips:

  • Begin small. Begin with a small amount of information on a topic and then use a “read more” button. This encourages the reader to move around the site. Imagine looking at the newspaper. The opening text draws you in and then sends you to B14 to finish the article.
  • Offer something free. If you have a free sample, this is the time to offer it. It gives people a feel for what you can do. Remember, free can be anything from information to free tangible items. If you are a service oriented business this is especially critical.
  • Give a deadline. Don’t forget to include a respond-by date. A date indicates urgency. This will aid in motivating the reader toward action. For example, Sign-up before August 31 to...
  • Include your guarantee. If you’re selling something or providing information, it can’t be mentioned enough. I think quality workmanship when there’s a credible guarantee.

Take some time to think about who you are. Show yourself as warm, inviting and welcoming to your visitors. Encourage them to call, email or participate in an upcoming event. No matter what the method, use your content to compel the reader to want more.

Don’t forget, if we can help you implement or upgrade your own web presence challenges, please contact us at 1-703-972-9134 or {contactlink 1}.

Donald Cranford has been in Marketing, Product Development and Product Management in the technology industry for 14 years. He founded Katalyst Solutions in 2004 to assist small businesses, non-profits, and churches in succeeding online.


“Don Cranford & Katalyst Solutions helped reprogram parts of my Web Marketing Today website from ColdFusion into PHP. I found him great to work with. His working style was friendly, professional, timely, and honest. When I have more projects, he’s the first person I’ll call.”
– Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Editor
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