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Can you remember a time when you wanted a special gift for someone but you couldn’t think of what would be just right? Well that’s what Jessie Mann Porcelains is all about. There are no mass productions. Every item is unique and meets the special requests of the customer.

Jessie Mann specializes in designing and painting Limoges Porcelain and English Enamel boxes for her clientele. A prospective client contacts Jessie to express their interest in her boxes. They indicate their approximate price range, which would then help Jessie better determine the shape or style of the box. Then there is customization of colors and any special requests, like monograms, message or the interior of the box. Since Jessie hand designs and paints each one, there really are no duplicates.

Jessie’s studio is in Potomac, Maryland, but she gets new customers most often through word of mouth or repeat customers. They are all over the country, California, New York, Chicago. In the past working with clientele across this country has been a challenge for Jessie because everything was done manually. She would make color copies of samples and then mail the copies back and forth with edits to prospective clients. Now, thanks to her Katalyst Solutions, clients can view an online catalog. Where she used to spend money in printing and mailing costs, she no longer has that expense. As well, the time consumed by using traditional mailing methods has been eliminated.

Jessie shares that her business has also increased due to visibility. The headers recommended by Katalyst Solutions provide better reach for search engines. Jessie said she’s finding that more people have located her via the web than just her traditional word of mouth method of drumming up new business.

The website conveys exactly what Jessie wants the new clientele or returning customer to know about her and her art. Her clients have a picture of what she can do right at their fingertips. Jessie’s time is freed up to spend more time on creating the beautiful artwork that brought her to this business in the first place.

For more information on Jessie Mann Porcelains, visit www.boxesbyjessie.com.

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Tim Reichert, CEO, MBA
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