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Traci Riley Maximize Your Website: Issue 1
By Traci Riley

You have your website and it’s good. You’ve figured out your audience, streamlined the design and everything flows exactly as you want it. But while all those words are accurate, they’re not very personal. There is no ‘warm and fuzzy.’

One way to increase the personal touch you provide your audience is through an audio message. Your web presence is the first impression many people have of who you are. You need to consider that when thinking about having static text. It is not as personal. Hearing your voice or the voice of a respected member of your organization would add not only warmth but value to the reader’s experience and offer an inviting connection to you.

It can be as simple as a hello from the company president, welcoming the visitor to the site.

The message doesn’t have to be long and drawn out. It can be as simple as a hello from the leadership welcoming the visitor to the site. You might even consider having audio testimonials from your members or customers in their own words about who you are and what you do. Announce a new product or service, or even an upcoming event with audio. You can do this with a business podcast. It could be a simple 2 minute teaser to draw the user in for more detail. The ideas are limitless!

Additionally, hectic schedules require multi-tasking just to meet simple daily tasks. You know that on a personal level as you face this challenge every day. Using audio on your website provides the option to listen to some or part of what you have to say while working in another window.

But there are other benefits to audio messages as well. Think about the increasing number of mobile users. Research currently shows that approximately one-third of American internet users have checked email or browsed web pages through a wireless connection. Mobile users have the option to listen instead of reading smaller print on their hand-held devices. The number of mobile only continues to grow and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to capture their attention in this valuable fashion.

Your passion will come through much clearer in the sound than it might in basic written text.

We recognize that you have very specific goals. Whatever forms that takes, explaining who you are and what you do may be easier in an audio format than in writing it down in words. Your passion will come through much clearer in the sound than it might in basic written text.

How many other organizations out there have audio as part of their web presence? This could be one extra thing that makes you stand out from the others. It could also put visitors at ease to hear the voices that go with the goals of the organization.

Audio is a unique way to reach your audience that many organizations are currently not using. It’s moving from a ‘nice-to-have’ to something of extra value. As a welcome message, it draws people in further. When used in explaining detail, it’s a value to the mobile population. And at all times it’s another way to make your organization more unique and offers a personal touch that text alone cannot convey.

Katalyst Solutions has customers that have successfully placed audio messages on their website. There has been a lot of good feedback about how well that’s working. If audio messages are something you are considering, or you’d just like more information, please contact us. We’ll help you get started!

Traci Riley has worked in marketing in the technology industry for 8 years. She spends her days with Katalyst Solutions researching and writing to be a “katalyst for your online success.”


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